Thursday, 6 February 2014

Relationship woes! ..... Not.

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How is everyone? So, I'll like to jump on the bandwagon today and put that question out there. The revelation from J.K Rowling regretting marrying off Ron and Hermione a few days ago has been starting to make the rounds on the Internet. I, myself haven't been reading up on what fans are saying so I'm quite interested in knowing what some of you think about this.

JK Rowling says she got Harry Potter romance wrong

That's just one of the news sites that have posted that story, or a similar story and basically it's all about Rowling regretting her decision and saying that Hermione should have been with Harry instead.

That was my initial reaction. I thought it was a joke or one of those viral facts that wasn't real facts at all. I've heard that muggles like posting such things until I realized that many of these articles are from relatively credible news sources.

Now comes the part where I include some of my thoughts about this, but by all means, do not be influenced.

First of all, I thought that Harry shouldn't be with anyone. He really was such an annoyance when he was at Hogwarts but I'll give him the benefit since he had to save the world (don't start hating me now, Harry fans). Also, I do think that Hermione should not be with Harry. In fact, it seemed to me that Hermione, being a strong, bright, confident woman, would have focused on her career but, I suppose, after a couple of near deaths, she would sort out her priorities.

Now, about Ron. I don't know, I've never really warmed up to that character, then again, I've never really warmed up to Harry either. They weren't people that I was really concerned about, which is why, I don't really have a very strong opinion on which pairing is the "right" pairing. If life was that easy, we wouldn't need counselors.

Well, like I've said, I'm just jumping on the bang wagon here so, there really isn't much that I'll be talking about, just following the current trend blindly, but I am genuinely curious as to the thoughts from those who care about these characters in particular. How does this news affect your impression of the story. Does it change what you feel about it? Does it open up certain questions? Does certain things suddenly make sense? To be honest, as long as people are thinking about it, I feel that I've done my part in spreading the news, so, happy thinking. I shall return the space to Lord Severus.

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

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