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Game of Thrones Ascent, Alliance vs Alliance: Attack!

Hello again,

I've been playing this new muggle game for quite a bit and have decided to write a few guides that might help those who have trouble understanding how to play the game. I might not be doing every single aspect of the game but I guess, we'll see what other aspects might be needed and if it would affect with my wizarding duties.

So, maybe you've been playing this game for a while, maybe you've just started and perhaps you're enticed by all the clickable buttons that does stuff in the game and some of these buttons might be unfamiliar to you. Well, you've come to the right place if you're keen on attacking other camps in the alliance vs alliance phases.

First of all, what is the alliance vs alliance phase? It's basically a period of time when the alliances in the game unsheathe their swords, put on the armor and battle for fame, glory, rewards and bragging rights. Tired of words and can't wait to start attack? Alright, alright, hold your horses, I'll start right now.

To begin attacking other alliances, first click on the "Alliance" tab on the bottom of your screen as circle in the picture below.

You'll see this screen pop out with the name of your alliance, how many members you'll have, the number of members that are participating in the current alliance phase, the name of your leader, what your alliance is about and by default, you'll see your message of the day that's written by your leader. Click on the "Camps" tab to look at where your alliance has placed their camps.

You'll see the amount of camps, their levels and specialties. Do take note that you are only able to attack other alliances who have placed camps in the same area as you have. For this example, we will focus on the level two camp that's being built on the neck in the north area. You'll see the following pop out. To garrison a sworn sword, click on the "Garrison" tab.

You will be able to see this pop out. If you haven't garrison a sword, it will be empty, so click on the "Garrison" tab to select a sworn sword.

A window would pop out to show you the amount of idle sworn swords. In this case, we have Raymund Sevenstreams. If you have a few, choose the sword that you want to place into camp and click the "Select" button.

Once your sword is garrisoned in the camp, you'll be able to attack or defend the camp. If the sword is left idling in the camp, it would automatically defend from any incoming attacks from other alliances. So it is good to balance between attack and defending your camp. Anyway, since you're here, it is obvious you want to attack, so let's get on with it. Select the "War Map" tab and you'll see the following. By default, you'll see the list for the overall ranking of alliances.

Since the camp in our example is in the north, select the tab as shown below. Each tab represents the different areas where the camps are built on.

You will see the following appear. The "Prev" button shows the alliances that have a higher ranking than you, while the "Next" button shows the alliances that are ranked lower than you. Depending on the alliance ranking, the amount of victory points that you'll earn for your own alliance, differs. Note, to extend the list, click on the "View Self" button to see your ranking and it does makes it easier to look through.

Once you have decided on an alliance, click on the "Go" button and you'll see the following pop out. Let's choose the alliance,  "The Legacy of Rhaegar" (Don't worry, I didn't attack. So there isn't a need to fret, people from that alliance). Seeing that there isn't any known camp, just choose any camp and click the "Go" button.

You'll be taken to a window that will allow you to choose the idle swords that are in the camps, "The Neck", "Torrhen's Square" or "White Knife". Remember that we garrisoned Raymund at "The Neck"? It doesn't matter if it was a different camp. As long as they are within the same area which is in "The North". Does it make sense?
Anyway, select the idle sword and choose the preferred action as you would with those quests. Once that's done, click on, you guessed it, "Go".

Congratulations! You have just sent your sword attacking. I hope this guide isn't too confusing and will help you navigate through the many clickable buttons in the game. Now go out there and attack!

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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