Monday, 11 February 2013

Animated movies.

Hello again,

A couple of entries ago, I mentioned a little about movies. Well, I was just watching videos on youTube randomly and I found this.

It is an animated movie called, "Escape from Planet Earth" that is coming out soon. I've seen negative comments surrounding this movie but I disagree. From a wizard's point of view, I look at it as a type of feel good movie catered to muggle families or muggles feeling a little under the weather.


It did come as a shock, finding out that there are muggles out there who would rate movies without looking at it or giving it a chance. Perhaps, this is another form of muggle interaction or thought process that I have yet to discover. Well, seems like there are some differences between magical and non-magical folk. Anyway, I am quite excited for this movie to premiere. Seems like a rather fun, feel good movie, that provides a little escape from the everyday stress of life. Hey, even Hogwarts professors are stressed. 

Which reminds me, there is another animated movie that will be coming out soon. It's called "Monsters University". It's apparently a prequel to the animated movie "Monsters Inc." but just by watching the trailer, it seems to indicate a rather accurate portrayal of college life for young muggles.


I have to admit, that prank, was pure genius and something Peeves would have thought of. I am so glad Peeves is not allowed into the muggle world. The improper use of magic office would have an immensely huge headache clearing up his mess. This seems like another one of those fun, feel good, forget the day's worries type of movie.

Also, I am aware that the characters in these movies are not actual muggles but a representation of a generic muggle. After all, muggles do not believe that there are monsters and aliens in this world right? I do find it rather intriguing that the muggles creating these stories are choosing to portray muggle behavior with unfamiliar species. Perhaps they are magical folk, trying to slowly integrate the communities! Wait, I would have heard of this if something like that is going on.

Oh wells, it's not really in my job scope. I am just here to observe, take notes and report my findings.

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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