Thursday, 15 August 2013

The taste of freedom.

As the rain lashed upon the windows of my room, the thunders bellowed in the sky and the winds howling and gnashing at all in it's path, I was suddenly taken back into time. Not literally, but my mind traveled back, to a time stored away, deep inside the depths of my memory. 

It was a painful childhood, that I could tell you. The many occasions of being forced to do things you never wanted to do, be with people you never liked, behave according to how society dictate. The feeling of oppression was ever present, like a shadow, lurking behind my every move. 

The hunger and taste for freedom was always there, beneath the exterior, bubbling within my soul. It was at this thought that I remembered the first time I tasted the sweet and lovely taste of freedom. 

There was supposed to be a black and white dinner party hosted at the manor. Needless to say, I was forced to attend and help. The house elves were busy cleaning and preparing the food for the guests, changing the decoration, using the finest silverware, pulling out all the stops. No stone was left unturned. No stone, except me.  

As the time for the party drew near, I let myself out onto the balcony overlooking the garden. I've always loved standing on the balcony in the evening. The peace and quiet, the silence, the breeze, going wherever it wants to go. The house elves knew that I will be on one of these balconies and one of them apparated beside me, informing that I was to be at the entrance, greeting guests as they arrive in a couple of minutes and offered me a glass of wine.

Dismissing the elf, I peered into the horizon, sipping wine as I await for the rest of guests to arrive. The muffled sound of conversation squeezed though the double doors, hell bent on interrupting my enjoyment of the evening breeze. Letting out a sigh. I thought to myself, "it won't be long now".

Defying my parents, I stood there on the balcony, willing time to slow, procrastinating the sound of a cracked whip, indicating a house elf being sent to retrieve me. I was beginning to despair as the sounds behind the double doors increased. I knew that it indicated the influx of guests, and while pondering the distaste for social interaction, the darkening skies tells me that it's about time to head down and mingle.

I was about to move from my stationary position, when the thought of going through yet another evening of mindless, superficial, pompous mingling felt suffocating. Loosening the bow tie I was wearing, a sudden brilliance flashed into the depths of my troubled mind. I could escape. There would be too many at this party to realize that I'm gone. 

"This is madness" I told myself, and yet the sudden adrenaline coursing through my veins, the alertness that I felt, the excitement of escaping from it all made me feel alive. The strange feeling of being so free is something that was extremely new to me. I laughed silently as I tore off my bow tie and laid it upon the barrier, the barrier to freedom. I smiled, closed my eyes and...


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