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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (movie) - My thoughts

. There will be spoilers.

.. Sure you won't regret it?

... Are you absolutely sure?

.... Okay. And now,

For all fans of action (and perhaps pretty boy Legolas), you'll probably love the movie. It does contain most of the elements that are present in a hit blockbuster movie, loads of action, pretty people to look at, suspense, mystery, revelation, sexy kick ass girl, and even a little romance. Even the trailer makes it seem like an awesome epic movie.

How can one not feel excited after watching that?

I was and that might be my down fall. I could put it down to myself having a really high expectation for the second part of this series, perhaps too high to achieve and perhaps that is exactly it. I really do not know. I do not claim to be the expert in the happening of the story, I must admit that I have poor memory and one doesn't always remember little details of stories of old being told. That's right, this isn't an entry detailing how awesomely good the movie is, rather, it's about how disappointed I am with it.

I suppose, I can't really blame that muggle for filming it this way. He might have changed the stories of old to fit the modern conception and interests of the muggles of this generation. Well, I guess, that's considered the first spoiler. The movie is quite different from the book.

I shall, of course, not reveal what those parts are, it would be giving too much away and you'll probably be biased if you happen to read this and have not read the book. I really do not want to influence your opinions that much.

Anyway, I am disappointed at how they shorten the whole visit to Beorn and how they left out the talking animals who were his friends. I was quite looking forward to see, how a muggle would have portrayed that. Probably use some of that CGI thingy, I think that's what it's called.

Also, the whole part of Bilbo being resourceful and at the same time doubting himself, wasn't included much in the movie. The whole thing just felt rushed, substituting story for action. As mentioned above, there were quite a lot of action. The book does have some action, during the parts included in the movie but what I disagreed with, was the additional action scenes, that was never in the book in the first place. Instead of opting to be true to the story, the muggle decided to add in stuff that might appeal to other types of fans, like those fans of pretty boy legolas. I guess it's just a money making venture in the end.

Even the interaction with the dragon wasn't right but I shall not delve too much into it. I do however, liked that he added the scene, which wasn't in the book but was a part of the history, that side mission that Gandalf went to complete when he left the party of fourteen before the darkness of mirkwood. His fight with the necromancer, something that I was looking forward to, but alas, was such a disappointing fight.

I can only say that I'm looking forward to the third movie, that would complete the story. Why? It's the end of the so called series, it's the unsatisfied feeling from the second one and hoping that the third would make up for it, it's the hope that the muggle would follow the book and end it in it's epic awesomeness. It's all those and more. It's the hope of spreading the stories of old, sharing them with muggles, wizarding folk, creatures that would be interested in the realm of middle earth.

To be honest, I have delayed writing this entry, for the fear of being too violent, vulgar and perhaps distasteful for the public and I think, I might have succeed in keeping those at bay. I hope that I've not swayed any of your opinions about the movie and you are very welcomed to have your own. If you loved the movie, then, good. If you don't, then, also good. I would like to know though, well, if you're inclined to leave your opinions down. I'm just curious about the muggle reaction to this movie and whether I'm looking at it too harshly from a one-who-has-knowledge-of-the-actual-events-that-took-place-person.

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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