Thursday, 19 June 2014

World Cup 2014

Hello again,

I've noticed that the muggle world is filled with this thing called the world cup and I think it's similar to the quidditch world cup that we have in the wizarding world. It surprises me sometimes, how similar we are to the muggles.

Anyway, it's a sporting event, much like the quidditch world cup that brings together fans from all over the world, supporting their country or are fans of certain players thus supporting that particular country. The players play a sport called football in some countries and soccer in others but it doesn't seem to be as exciting as quidditch.

Well, for starters, the players chase around a single ball that doesn't move around like the snitch. There is a huge net for each team and a goal keeper that prevents the ball from getting in. It is rather interesting to see the muggles behaving so similarly to us wizarding folk and I have to say that I really should find sometime to sit down and watch a match. I have only been looking at those videos showing highlights of the different matches. I highly doubt that they have placed an anti-apparating spell on the event but my schedule is the problem. Perhaps I'll be able to figure out how to work this muggle technology and get to watch it on this muggle device. Any helpful suggestions?

I think it is an event, like the quidditch world cup, that brings different people from different backgrounds, from different places with different cultures and languages together. Everyone disregarding the troubles of the day, all focused on supporting their country or favorite team, cheering them on together, sharing in the disappointment and the euphoria from the goals being scored.

It really is interesting how these muggles react to one another, strangers hugging when their team has scored and the whining and complaining that ensues when their team has missed a shot or the opposite team has scored. I suppose, this is one of the few things that has to continue on to remind us, every once in a while, that we are essentially all the same when you take away things like culture and languages and countries.

A nice reminder that the wizarding world and the muggle world could co-exist.

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Lord Severus

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