Friday, 27 September 2013


As the moon revealed itself among the cloudy sky, a pale ray of light descents from the night sky, softly illuminating a clear patch of ground, in the middle of a forest. Laying down on the grass, a lone figure can be seen staring into the night sky. It was not a good night for star gazing but that was not the only thing this lone figure is interested in.

He loves coming out here in the middle of the night. The rustling leaves, the sweet and slightly woody scent riding on the winds, the crunch of twigs, the scuttling of creatures, the feeling of being one with nature. The peace and the calm makes it an ideal place for thinking. All worldly distractions casts aside, the only way the inner voice can be heard.

His thoughts went back into the past and flew out into the future. What he was, what he is, and what he will be. The many possibilities that may have happened that would change him, for the good or the worse. He pondered deeply, as he has always done, in this circular clearing, deep within the forest, the consequences of certain decisions. It is funny how one would realize the results of actions that were taken so many years ago. The turning point, the crossroads, the decisions.

The choices.

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