Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas!

Hello again,

It's Christmas day today and here is wishing all a merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday!

Because it is the holidays, many of the students have gone home to celebrate with their families and very few remain behind in the school. I took the opportunity to go to the muggle world during the weekend to see what new things are happening.

So, first off, I realized that someone has been knowledgeable about hobbits and the lore behind them. A movie (which is something like our pictures except that it starts at a certain point, goes on telling the story for a few hours and then just stops) just came out about them. I have to say, it has represented the legend pretty well. Even the actor (a person that pretends to be someone else) that is depicting Gandalf looks very much like the real person. I have to bring a muggle picture (it doesn't move! Like the one below.) back to Middle Earth to show him. 

Anyway, I have seen the movie and I must say it is pretty accurate to the likeness of the characters but there are some minor details that have been changed. Perhaps this form of story telling isn't told for accuracy but for the entertainment of muggles. It is rather interesting to learn that muggles seem to crave the imaginary and gain much satisfaction from going to one of these story sharing sessions called movies.

This is a highly recommended movie to watch, not only because it shows rather accurately the lands of Middle Earth, but the understanding of the events of lore is important for muggles to know about. It is a part of my history and I am proud that it is being shared to others. Bilbo would have loved to know that his story is being told to so many and I would travel to the Undying Lands if it wasn't somehow preventing apparation and access of port keys. It takes too long to travel by the ships and I would be missing some classes at Hogwarts (that's always bad). I give it 4 rings out of 5.

Before I leave, here is a video that I found to be rather entertaining (I've got to remember to ask Hermione what "shots" are). The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody by the Hillywood Show.
Hope you magical folk and muggles enjoy!

As always, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Merry Christmas!

Lord Severus

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