Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The First Post aka Introduction

Hello all,

Welcome to my very first post!

Who am I and what am I doing?

Well, I am Lord Severus. I am a very bored professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teaching Understanding the lure of the Dark Arts. In my spare time, I am often seen roaming the lands of Middle Earth and am known to some as Severus the Black.

However, in the recent years, my spare time has increased tremendously due to the peace that is carried on in both worlds, which is why I am constantly finding things to do. I have just recently exhausted the avenue of playing wizards chess with the Bloody Baron (he is a pretty violent opponent) and exploring the tunnels of the Chambers of Secrets. Even in the land of Middle Earth, I am finding so much peace and merry making that visiting the lands of Mordor has become a Halloween tradition among the races of Men (People are dressing up as Mrs. Eye of Sauron).

So, here I am, in my office, overlooking the black lake (a pretty nice view I have to admit) trying for the first time this thing called a laptop. It's a muggle invention (yes, I have been so bored, that I've gone to the muggle department and started learning more about their stuff) and Hermione has been a great help in understanding the use of such novelties. I might bring some of these to Middle Earth, we'll see. Anyway, I have decided to start this thing called blogging (?) to pass my time and I hope that whoever is reading this would not start flaming (fascinating word) because I am after all rather new at this.

Oh, Gandalf the White has been very supportive of my learning the arts of a new sort of race and he is very interested to know what I have uncovered and so is the Minister of Magic. But, as all good things must come to an end, I have to go now because my next class is in the dungeons and I can't apparate in Hogwarts so I hope whoever is reading this will come to enjoy the things that would be coming up here soon.

Leave a comment and let me know if this is the correct way of interacting with muggles, share it with other magical folk and muggles! I would love to have your opinions.

Lord Severus

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