Monday, 21 January 2013

What a busy week!

Hello again,

So, I am almost done marking the first assignment and as mentioned in my tweets, there are some slytherins that have trouble understanding the concept. Also, it appears that my fascination with muggles have been circulating among the students in school and it seems to be detrimental to my reputation as a "normal" magical folk.

I do wonder if muggles have this trend of circulation.

Not to worry, the fear of the unknown is natural and forgivable, as long as it doesn't create another sad soul like Voldemort. Yes. I did say that. I do think that Voldemort is a rather sad being but that is probably best explained in another entry.

My initial report of the muggle world has been submitted to the Minster of Magic and the white council and it seems that I am receiving rather favorable reactions. I am waiting for the go ahead from the ministry to officially work with the muggle department and possibly produce a paper, paving the way for muggle enlightenment within the magical society. So that's that.

Let's see, I've told you about marking the first assignment, the circulations, the positive reactions for my report, oh! I am learning about this gaming industry in the muggle world.

Yes! It is actually quite amazing. I saw this one muggle in a café (when I was spending some time in the muggle world) engrossed with his laptop, seemingly playing some form of a game and proceeding to ask him some questions.

The game that he was playing is called "Final Fantasy VIII". He told me that this was a Playstation game but when I asked him what was a Playstation, he started going on about this whole community of gamers, the different consoles (machines that you can play these games on) and seemed quite happy that I was interested to know about it. Thankfully, he didn't suspect that I was not from there, which also hints at the possibility of the exclusion of some muggles being involved with this community. He added that he was just replaying the game, which suggests that he is pretty fond of it considering his engrossment and the point of him replaying the game.

Naturally, I went back wanting to find out more and I realized that there are different classifications of muggles within the community. I am still going through a ton of information (yes, I started when classes began and frankly speaking, just touched the tip of the iceberg) and perhaps would write on my thoughts about it in the future but as you can probably tell, this was such a busy week for me.

Well, I have to end here, there are a couple of students that need detention.

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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