Monday, 7 January 2013

Back at Hogwarts

Hello again,

Well, there isn't much to say really. As the title suggest, I am back at Hogwarts. Things are great here, as usual. The halls are filled with students shuffling to the next classes, the pranks seem to be increasing and it's been driving poor Argus up the wall. I have a sneaking suspicion that peeves has been recruiting students into a secret class of prank-ing, mostly first years. It appears that the long peace has somehow created an age where these young students are craving for some "action" from hearing all the war stories being told by the elders (and those pictures).

The romance and glorifying of war, it is almost as if it is a game, the way these pictures tell the great story of the final battle.

I did notice this same trend among the muggles as well. The phenomenon of being desensitized to violence because of the influence of films and games (good thing the muggles have no idea about wizards chess).

That wouldn't be good.

Ah! I found out that muggles do have the kind of photographs that we are used to. It is called a .gif and an example is of the above .gif of wizards chess. The disadvantage is, you can only view it though a computer but it is pretty interesting that this technology thing has allowed muggles to perform magic even though it is in a virtual world (it is only a world that you can access through a computer but very much like an actual world).

Anyway, Hermione has been so nice to give me an iPad for a Christmas present and I discovered a pretty fun muggle game. It is called Flow Free, as you can see in the image. Basically, the goal of the game is to link the same colored dots. You are not allowed to cross paths and in order to get a perfect score, you have to fill the board. I have been playing that during class breaks or when I needed a break for grading papers. I would recommend this to those who find mental games fun. It does require some thinking and is definitely a different type of mental relaxation. You can find this game on the app store (it is like a shop, much like those you can see on Diagon Alley, only virtual).

I honestly am not entirely sure when is the next time I can post an entry but you might have realized that I do post once every week. I will try to keep to this as much as I can and you can expect a new post every Tuesday.

What will be the contents? Well, anything I suppose. News from the magical world, middle earth or maybe my observations of the muggle world. It is just an entry of randomness and I hope it provides some entertainment to magical and non magical folk alike.

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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