Monday, 21 October 2013

A new feeling.

Sitting in an arm chair by the fire, surrounded by the dark and silent common room, gazing at the flames dancing upon the firewood, listening to the sound of crackling fire, the serenity of being alone. He loved being in the common room when there wasn't anyone around. It was one of his guilty pleasures. The enjoyment of being alone, surrounded by the magnificence of the common room, the transition from a dark room into a room filled with dancing prisms of light reflecting of the window panes as the sun begins to rise, illuminating the black lake. At times, the giant squid can be spotted swimming up to the glass, as if to acknowledge that he was there.

He never minded if the giant squid was swimming around, at times, he would watch as it gracefully moves from one window, to the next, thinking that it must have felt free. He felt that the giant squid understood him and gave him, his space. It was always that little gesture that seemed to bond them and he felt accepted.

It was yet another peaceful, quiet early morning when a muffled sound could be heard behind him.

There shouldn't be anyone moving about during this time, he thought.

As he was beginning to think that he must have imagined the sound, that same muffled sound was heard again. This time, it was a little closer. Thinking that it was one of those prank pulling kids, he slowly drew out his wand and readied himself for a confrontation. The adrenaline rushed through his body, keeping his wand arm steady, he slowly turned his head to look at his approaching enemy.

What he saw, shocked him. It wasn't an enemy. What he saw was a beautiful girl with bright red hair that's down to her waist, pajamas with little jack o'lanterns patterns, warm furry slippers that were probably the ones making that muffled sound whenever she took a step, her wand arm out and pointed towards him with her deer in headlights look. She was as shocked to see him as he was her.

Opening his palm, facing towards her, slowly and carefully, he lowered his hands while standing up to face her, laying his wand on the arm of the chair. Taking a slow and steady step back, she decided that it was safe to approach. Her pajamas ruffled as she took a step forward, exhibiting the grace that she has.

He gestured to the vacant couch beside the fire, his eyes never leaving hers. He was mesmerized. He had seen her around the common room once or twice but it was always from afar. The firelight enhanced some of her features and brought to his attention, how beautiful her eyes were.

"What are you doing down here so early?" She asked.

"I'm usually here, this time. It's. Peaceful." He said without thinking.

He had never been so upfront about his feelings before and it was slightly disconcerting. He quickly regained his composure as he realized that she has been looking at him in silence.

"You're welcomed to join me if you wish. Unfortunately, I'm not good company this morning. I've got the Monday Blues." He said, attempting to lighten the mood.

"Well, I was actually trying to see if I could catch a house elf in action. I'll be going now." She spoke, smiled sweetly and continued.

"Happy blue monday."

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