Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Haunted Memories (game) - My thoughts

Hunted Memories, an Indie game released by MadMan Theory Games on Steam recently (2013), is a free to play game, in it's early access and isn't a completed game. What that means is, these muggles are letting other muggles get this game onto their laptop (portable) or desktop (grounded) to get a sense of what this game is about.

First thoughts of the game, dark. Literally. You start in the middle of what looks like the middle of no where with nothing on you. The slight distortion of the images gives off the appearance of you just waking up and feeling disoriented. Quite an interesting way of doing it too. It could be a rather slow computer too. It seems that an old system of this stuff affects some of the ability of the game to perform well. I suppose it's the same as getting updated versions like the Nimbus 2000 and then the Nimbus 2001.

Anyway, so you start off disoriented with no memory of what has occurred before this, and you're walking around with limp hands. The thunder, lightening and rain sounds add on to the atmosphere of being lost and having no clue with the only option of moving forward.

It won't be long until you come across an abandoned car with it's headlights still on. Is the car yours? Does it belong to someone else? Will there be help?

The only help comes from receiving a folder which contains messages, a map, showing where you are and an inventory list. Also found in the same area is a flashlight, a few steps down from the car, a gas canister and some batteries (you're welcome).

Looking at the map, you'll realize that you're stranded in a park. Cold, wet, hungry (I'm just guessing) and absolutely disoriented. The game seems to be really different from what I'm used to play. It doesn't really help that I have been reading the horror stories written by Stephen King. Also, the game is supposed to be a slenderman type game. I have no idea what that means. I'm hoping Hermione would shed some light on this.

Anyway, there is this thing called a 'save' in a game. It records your progress and allows you to return to the exact same point and the manner of saving defers with every game. For the Haunted Memories, you save by using a device called a typewriter (I looked it up). That's what it looks like and is apparently an older version of this laptop I'm using. It's like a technological improvement as that only types but this allows you to do so much more.

Went off on another tangent there again. What I'm going to say is, my thoughts on this game is that it isn't really exciting. What do I mean by that? Well, take away the fact that it's not a finished game and it's on early release, also take away the aesthetics of the game, I just felt really bored playing it. It is supposed to be a game that scares the living lights out of a muggle (maybe it's because I'm a wizard), and I've played through some of the scare parts, but I wasn't afraid at all. I yawned a couple of times too.

I suppose, some muggles do like to be scared by such gimmicks. Well, a trip into the Forbidden Forest in the middle of the night would do the trick but sadly, no muggles allowed. I would recommend getting this game for those who like that slenderman stuff or who like being scared by those jump scare type of thing because it's an interesting concept and I would expect muggles to like it, since it's made for them.

I would love to know what happened though. Maybe one day I'll find out.

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Lord Severus

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