Saturday, 18 October 2014 - Part 1

Hello again,

I've recently discovered this website called What this website does is to allow one to write a letter for one's future self. It can be dated any time into the future, no matter if it's the next day (although this is rather odd in my opinion) or six months, five years, four decades, three centuries (assuming one lives that long), etc. There are public and private letters, so you'll get to choose the option that you would prefer your letter to be and after writing and selecting all the options, the letter would probably be stored into their database until the date that you chose arrives and they send it to you, through your email.

I think it is an interesting idea. I have done one and it would be received on my birthday although I would probably forget all about it until it arrives. I think that's the beauty of it, especially if you decide to send one that is a couple of months ahead into the future.

With that said, this would be my initial thoughts into this idea. I would be writing another one when I get my letter in the future. Also, I have linked the website below if you are interested in checking it out.


Anyway, my initial thoughts are that it would be interesting to know if what your past self has predicted would happen in the future. It's almost like the muggles trying to come up with a different kind of motivation system. Just imagine, that you've set a deadline to complete something in the future and you've set all sorts of little deadlines to complete it. Sending one of these would be an awesome reminder. Nothing like having the past, check up on you.

Well, I suppose you can tell that I'm quite excited and fascinated by this muggle invention. So, I hope you'll come back to check out my thoughts about receiving a letter from my past self. Do follow or subscribe or whatever is the equivalent so you'll get a notification when I put up part two.

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Lord Severus

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