Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cleithrophobia (game) - Thoughts

Hello again,

Today I'll be talking about this game called 'Cleithrophobia'. It's an Indie RPG horror type game that essentially requires the player to solve puzzles and escape.

First off, cleithrophobia is actually the fear of being trapped and it is what the game is about. You start off in a room that isn't really bright and you'll have to find ways to escape from the room. The door of course is locked. The player will progress to the next "level" once the door is unlocked.

Secondly, even thought it seems as though it wouldn't be very scary compared to other games, I have to say, this game has quite a few jump scares that continue to keep you on edge. There is a monster that would appear at random points in the game, chasing you around and you'll have to run away successfully or basically die (which I have a couple of times).

Thirdly, besides exploring the area, running away from monsters, you'll also have to keep an eye out for shiny objects. These objects indicate that you'll be able to pick them up. They could be stuff that is required for the puzzle you're trying to solve right now, or for later use. Some of them might kill you immediately after picking it up.

The whole experience of playing this game includes feeling fear because of the atmospheric sounds and music in the background, the shock when that monster appears and that adrenaline rush when you'll have to escape the creature. Also, the game is quite annoying when you've died a couple of times from being unable to escape the monster and that's why there is a significant amount of time in between videos.

To be honest, it's a love and hate relationship with this game. Although it's similar to many other games that follow the 'escape the room' format, the puzzles aren't that straightforward and you'll come across things that might not matter to you at that particular moment. That usually confuses me. Yet, I hate the game for making that creature run so fast. It pisses me off that I am unable to run away fast enough and have to repeat that particular section, escape from the monster successfully before being allowed to continue the story. I guess, I'm not very good and you can blame it on my skill but, well, I'm pissed.

Enough of that, you might want to check the game out, it's a free to play game or if you're lazy, I have included a link to my let's play below and you can check that out.

'Cleithrophobia' Let's play.

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