Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pottermore and Sony breakup

Note: I had no idea that this wasn't posted. Must have clicked on the wrong button. So, to risk being out of date, I'll still post this up. It's a short entry anyway.

Hello again,

Finally a little free time and while trying to catch up with muggle news, I found out that the muggles trying to recreate the magical world using muggle technology has suffered a little set back. Well, I say set back because it sounds like a break up.

My question now would be whether those muggles down at pottermore have the ability to continue or rather, improve the experience. I have heard some rather awful reviews from the muggles using that site and it's slightly worrying, considering that is almost similar to the magical world and honestly, I would hate for the muggles to think that the magical community is nasty and incompetent.

The pottermore community seems to be split down the middle as well. One side seems to think the world of the site, that they are doing a really good job while the other side seems to think that more should be done for the site.

So the question is, is pottermore really going downhill? Had sony foreseen this and thus decided to break away from this to minimize the effect it would have on it's reputation? Or has pottermore decided to place it's focus on other things and had found sony to be too cumbersome, therefore the break? Of course, these are just hypothetical questions that I have and am in no way affiliated with any or either of the companies.

I am not here to influence your opinions, just merely to state some questions and perhaps concerns of mine and you can decide on your own.

As always, leave me a comment, let me know what you think, or just say hi!

Lord Severus

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