Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Still Life (game) - My thoughts

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I'll be looking at this game called 'Still Life' and one thing that I do know about this game is that it is a pretty old game. What do I mean by old? Well, it was first launched in 2005 and from what I understand from the gaming world, anything more than one or two years is considered old.

Anyway, I was first enticed by the introduction to the game. The player is supposed to solve a series of murders that are most likely committed by the same murderer. So you get to be a female FBI agent that is trying to get onto the trail of this elusive cloaked murderer while also controlling a detective in 1920s Prague (which I have to say, I got confused for London). The game is basically a point and click type format, in which the only thing you need to play the game is just a mouse. The story line is quite linear in the sense that your decisions doesn't really count and the goal of each segment is to find everything that is worth finding in that particular scene. Also, the story is quite mysterious and I have to say, I am quite drawn to it. I find myself wanting to continue the game just so I can get to the bottom of the mystery and it's like reading a mystery novel accept I get to see the world that the author sees instead of relying on my imagination. The artwork is pretty good too and I find myself looking forward to the next cut scene. There are some puzzles thrown into the game so it's not entirely a sit back and enjoy the story type of game and I have to say, I am rather stumped at some of the puzzles that I have encountered.

Despite a few funny glitches, I have been enjoying myself immensely while playing. A mixture of story telling, logical thinking and puzzle solving, the game does break up the game play quite a bit although I would not deny that there are times when you'll find yourself overwhelmed with the conversation between characters. These conversations do help hint the player on where they are supposed to go next or what they are supposed to do but sometimes it is buried in between a huge chunk of words. I'm not saying the the conversation doesn't help with the understanding of the story but sometimes, one does feel tired and just want to get to the next bit.

Perhaps this is too soon to write a review of it, considering the fact that I haven't completed the game but I will say, there is a chance that I might not like the ending of the game but I suppose that is a risk that I'm willing to take for a game that I have been enjoying so far. I should also mention that I have purchased Still Life 2 and would definitely play that after completing this. That's how much I enjoyed this game and besides, it rather interesting to see the kind of ways these muggles get up to, to solve cases.

I would recommend getting the game if you're a fan of such games but if you're a little lazy and perhaps short of cash, you can check out my let's play of it. As of this entry, I have not completed the game but the playlist that I have linked to below, will update automatically whenever I upload new videos of it. So do subscribe to know when new videos for this game are up.

Get Still Life.
'Still Life' let's play.

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